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Many dealerships do not have the time or manpower to create compelling presentations of their vehicles online as well as on their lot.  In many cases, dealerships who try to do this themselves lack in the quality that online shoppers are expecting to see.  That is why our Professional Technicians are such an asset to these dealerships.

MMD Field Technicians are thoroughly trained to collect accurate vehicle equipment data as well as capture stunning images of your vehicles.  Our robust VIN Decoder paired with an experienced eye for optional and aftermarket equipment ensures that every vehicle will be accurately presented.  Custom Color window labels and FTC Buyers Guides are printed on the spot.

Anyone can take a camera and photograph a vehicle.  It's the experience and photographic techniques that our technicians have to make sure each photo is of studio quality.  Our cameras must meet strict specifications before they are used in the field.  Our perspective angles combined with some MMD camera tricks will make every vehicle stands out.
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